Blue Mind

 photo by  @katcorrine

photo by @katcorrine

"Both the brain and the ocean are deep, complex, and subtle realms..." -Wallace J. Nichols

For someone who loves the ocean, art, and psychology, Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols is a rewarding and eye-opening experience. Reading this book showed me just how complex and multi-faceted the human connection to water and the ocean really is.  Without water, we are nothing. Water gives us life, it inspires us, it can ease our minds, and soothe our physical pain. It can also terrify, challenge, and threaten us. In the book, Nichols wonders "whether water is a mirror for our darker emotions as much as it is an engine for our happiness." I really do think this is true. The ocean has been so much to me throughout my life. I'm drawn to the sea whether I'm in a dark place, overwhelmed and stressed out, or when I'm happy and feel fully alive. I'm really grateful for all of the research and work going on that is highlighted in this book, and I'm so glad Nichols took the time to put it all together in one place, making it easier to see the big picture. It's impossible to read this book and not want to seek out the ocean and keep it alive.